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Tony Outhwaite writes from New York City.

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  • October 2000

    Jazz Standards

    The new millennium brings with it the formal end of jazz's 20th century, although serious historians recognize that some elements of the music trace back to roughly two-thirds of the way through the 19th.

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  • Storytellers and Fakers
    April 2000

    Storytellers and Fakers

    A writer, asked during a literary party what her new novel was about, turned on the questioner with an expression combining irritation, indignation, and pity, and replied, "My novels aren't about things!"

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  • Great—and Famous
    September 1999

    Great—and Famous

    Today, the world knows Ray Charles as a music-industry legend. He has sung blues, ballads, jump tunes, country-and-western, and what some might call pop, yet he always sounds like himself, instantly recognizable.

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  • A Hothouse of Goofiness: The American Book Industry
    May 1998

    A Hothouse of Goofiness: The American Book Industry

    The renowned American jazzman Charlie Parker, introduced to Jean-Paul Sartre in a Paris club during the 1949 jazz festival, reportedly said, "I'm very glad to have met you, Mr. Sartre. I like your playing very much."

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Results: 24 Articles found.