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    February 2020

    Books in Brief

    End of an Era: How China’s Authoritarian Revival Is Undermining Its Rise, by Carl Minzner
    Growth: From Microorganisms to Megacities, by Vaclav Smil

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  • Your Pink Hat Is Transphobic
    Society & Culture
    March 2019

    Your Pink Hat Is Transphobic

    If Madonna were a standard white person, her appearance at the August 2018 MTV Video Music Awards . . . would have brought the leftist brownshirts snarling like rabid coons into the streets and onto the Sunday talk shows.

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  • Teddy Wilson and the Swing Era Vocalists
    Society & Culture
    September 2018

    Teddy Wilson and the Swing Era Vocalists

    Midway through Billie Holiday’s plaintive 1941 recording of “Jim,” there is a short piano solo barely 25 seconds in length—not even a full 32-bar chorus—by Teddy Wilson.

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  • Tom Wolfe, R.I.P.
    July 2018

    Tom Wolfe, R.I.P.

    When Tom Wolfe’s debut novel, The Bonfire of the Vanities, was published in November 1987, the book was greeted with effusive praise and became a best-seller, although some literati seemed offended by Wolfe’s highly descriptive prose, the hyperbole, exuberant punctuation, and occasional sound effects.

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  • Monumental Stupidity
    Society & Culture
    June 2018

    Monumental Stupidity

    There is a scene in Alfred Hitchcock’s 1959 classic North by Northwest in which the characters look out at a brooding Mount Rushmore from the dining-room terrace of the Sheraton-Johnson Hotel in Rapid City, South Dakota (since renamed the Hotel Alex Johnson).

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