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Taki Theodoracopulos is a writer living in New York, London, and Gstaad. In addition to his long-running High Life column in The Spectator, Taki writes Under the Black Flag for each number of Chronicles, and publishes Taki’s Magazine, a webzine.

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  • Me and Macho ‘Papa’
    June 2021

    Me and Macho ‘Papa’

    Ernest Hemingway embodies a masculine kind of writer now out of favor: patriotic, courageous, and beautiful, spartan American prose. I first spotted the man known as ‘Papa’ swaggering down Fifth Avenue when I was home from boarding school...

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  • A Badge of Honor
    April/May 2021

    A Badge of Honor

    In our current era, even William Shakespeare is getting "canceled." If a writer hasn't been canceled in one way or another, they're probably no good.

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  • The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted
    March 2021

    The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted

    Seizing control of the means of information is the key to any successful coup. The oligarchical tech billionaires have accomplished this task with little political resistance. Freedom of speech is quickly disappearing in the West.

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  • The End of Truth
    February 2021

    The End of Truth

    In the West, we are busy constructing the biggest falsehoods our minds can muster in order to pacify those who feel history has wronged them. Truth ends when it can be denied in order to please political correctness.

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  • What the Editors Are Reading: <em>Our Man: Richard Holbrooke</em>
    December 31, 2020

    What the Editors Are Reading: Our Man: Richard Holbrooke

    Taki Theodoracopulos discusses Our Man Richard Holbrooke and the End of the American Century by George Packer.

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