Taki Theodoracopulos

Taki Theodoracopulos is a writer living in New York, London, and Gstaad. In addition to his long-running High Life column in The Spectator, Taki writes Under the Black Flag for each number of Chronicles, and publishes Taki’s Magazine, a webzine.

Latest by Taki Theodoracopulos in Chronicles

  • The Pandemic of Godlessness
    June 2020

    The Pandemic of Godlessness

    It is a universally acknowledged truth that when epidemics strike, men and women turn to God.

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  • #MeToo for Me, But Not for Thee
    April/May 2020

    #MeToo for Me, But Not for Thee

    Human nature does not change, at least not where the Hollywood types who hung around with Harvey Weinstein are concerned. Hypocrisy, not talent, is the number one commodity in Tinseltown.

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  • Meet the Markles
    March 2020

    Meet the Markles

    I never thought I’d get back to this silly subject for Chronicles ever again, but the Markles—as I now refer to them—have a way of getting our attention, and embarrassing Al Capone in the process. As the Feds were closing in on him, Al was told Chicago was getting too hot and he should move to Canada. “Canada?” growled Capone, “I don’t even know what street that’s on.”

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  • Column
    February 2020

    Hot Air Raids

    Global warming is still a “maybe,” but in the Swiss Alps the visual evidence is undeniable. The glacier I used to ski on has disappeared, and man-made snow is pumped out daily in its place. The once-small alpine village from where I write this column is now a Mecca of the nouveaux riche and vulgar—snow and manners have gone with the wind.

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  • Outrage and Censorship
    January 2020

    Outrage and Censorship

    I began my journalistic career under strict censorship. It was imposed on the press and media by the Greek colonels who had seized power in a bloodless coup in Athens on April 21, 1967. Censorship, however, suited me fine. That’s because I was an ardent backer of the coup, the democratic process having been torn to shreds by the socialists and extreme left-wingers in Parliament. Now, 52 years later, I am once again writing under censorship, but this time run by the politically correct leftist gestapo. One wrong word and one’s career is kaput!

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Latest by Taki Theodoracopulos in ITO

  • Twitter Princess
    November 4, 2019

    Twitter Princess

    How long will British royalty, or the British public for that matter, be able to tolerate Meghan Markle's leftist grandstanding from such a position of privilege and power?

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