S.L. Ray

S.L. Ray, an independent journalist and intelligence specialist, writes from Whitefish, Montana.


Latest by S.L. Ray in Chronicles

  • May 2014

    The Past Isn’t Past

    Is the past really a foreign country? Did they do things so differently then? Or is it that the past isn’t dead after all—and isn’t even past?

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  • October 2013

    “Not a Slam Dunk”: Syria and Chemical Weapons

    On August 31, President Obama announced that he would seek congressional approval for military action against Syria, in response to chemical-weapons attacks that took place outside Damascus ten days earlier.

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  • Plausible Deniability: The U.S. Assassination Program
    October 2013

    Plausible Deniability: The U.S. Assassination Program

    It’s interesting that in 2009, as Erik Prince, the former Navy SEAL who founded Blackwater USA, was distancing himself from his creation, one witness in the numerous federal investigations of Blackwater claimed that the company’s contractors requested that he procure steroids and other drugs for them and invited him to all-night cocaine- and hashish-fueled parties at Baghdad’s Al-Hamra hotel.

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