Paul Ramsey

Paul Ramsey is poet-in-residence and a professor of English at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. 

Latest by Paul Ramsey in Chronicles

  • May 1989

    Going Beyond Tink and Tank

    Charles Edward Eaton, in New and Selected Poems, as elsewhere, is a remarkable poet, a fine metrist and stylist, and a close disciple of Wallace Stevens in artistic skill and finesse as well as in theory and topics.

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  • March 1989

    The Deconstructive Lyric

    The historical causes and influences are long, sufficiently complex, and deficiently Romantic. The Romantics taught self-expression, the power of the self, the boundlessness of the self; the contemporary bearers of such tidings write of the collapse and fragmentation of self.

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  • Speaking True
    September 1988

    Speaking True

    What is it that poetry does and is? We can say that poetry is about why people do things, and about what we know, and don't know, of human motive. We can also say that poetry is in language, sounded, and that poems should say what they mean and be the right and exact locution for what is said, that the sound should echo and be echoed by and be of the meaning. An ideal?

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