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Nicholas Farrell, author of Mussolini: A New Life (Phoenix), and a Chronicles contributor who also writes for The Spectator

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  • Farage’s European Victory Upends British Politics
    July 2019

    Farage’s European Victory Upends British Politics

    When the 751 Members of the new European Parliament (MEPs) gather in the French city of Strasbourg on July 2, the largest national group present in all the EU will be the MEPs of Britain’s new Brexit Party led by Nigel Farage.

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  • Notre Dame and the Lost ‘Means of Culture’
    June 2019

    Notre Dame and the Lost ‘Means of Culture’

    The fire that gutted Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris during Holy Week was no doubt caused by nothing more banal than negligent builders doing restoration work on the roof. Nevertheless it compelled all of us to search for a deeper explanation.

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  • The Little Guy and the Right

    The Little Guy and the Right

    To judge from what is going on in Italy, the only major European country where populists are in power, right-wing populism works, but left-wing populism does not.

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  • Culture Wars!
    April 2019

    Culture Wars!

    The bitter war of words that has taken place the best part of this past year between France and Italy culminated in the French government taking the extraordinary step of withdrawing its ambassador to Rome in February.

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  • Steve Bannon’s Gladiator School: A View From Within
    March 2019

    Steve Bannon’s Gladiator School: A View From Within

    Here, in this huge deserted monastery founded in 1204, which has 15,000 square meters of roof, President Donald Trump’s former chief strategist and the former chief executive of Breitbart News, Stephen K. Bannon, has founded what he told me will become “a gladiator school for culture warriors.”

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  • February 2019

    Brexit’s Bitter Irony

    One of the easiest-to-diagnose symptoms of the existential crisis that is causing the decline and fall of Western civilization is the deepening disconnect between peoples and governments.

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  • Clashes of Cultures
    January 2019

    Clashes of Cultures

    Events this past week in Paris remind me of my step-sister Amanda, Lady Harlech, who is usually described—much to her chagrin—as the “muse” of the 85-year-old gay kaiser of the fashion world, Karl Lagerfeld.

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  • All the World’s a Migrant Utopia
    December 2018

    All the World’s a Migrant Utopia

    The writing is at long last on the wall for a world-famous migrant utopia that was founded in a tiny medieval town overlooking the Ionian Sea. It has been a con from start to finish.

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  • The Patriot
    November 2018

    The Patriot

    Italian journalists are forbidden these days from using the Italian word for foreign migrants who have stolen their way by subterfuge into Italy. By controlling which words people can use you can control their thought. It is a thoroughly fascist idea and therefore much adored by the liberal left.

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  • Acts of God and Others
    October 2018

    Acts of God and Others

    The collapse of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa on the motorway that links Italy to Monte Carlo and the French Riviera reminds me of one of the great American novels: The Bridge of San Luis Rey.

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  • Fascism, Real and Imagined
    September 2018

    Fascism, Real and Imagined

    Twenty years ago I somehow managed to get my act together and get out of Paris, where I had haunted a cheap hotel for a year in the wake of the death of Princess Diana like the ghost of the Marlon Brando character in Last Tango in Paris.

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