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Mark Wegierski is a Toronto-based Canadian writer and historical researcher.

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  • Why Freedom Persists in Poland and Withers in Canada
    July 2021

    Why Freedom Persists in Poland and Withers in Canada

    Although both Poland and Canada claim to be Western and democratic, their cultures are markedly different. In Canada and other Western countries outside of Central-Eastern Europe, soft totalitarianism is rising.

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  • The Failure of the Canadian Right
    December 2019

    The Failure of the Canadian Right

    The Canadian federal election in October confirmed a long-term, leftward trend in Canadian politics. Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s blackface scandal, the Liberals retained power, winning a plurality of 157 out of 338 seats and 33.1 percent of the popular vote. Conservatives won 121 seats (34.4 percent of the vote), gaining truly overwhelming support from Western Canada, particularly from the provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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  • October 2017

    The Brave Professor

    At the University of Toronto, one man has shown us just how uphill the climb is against political correctness, and what sort of reaction we may expect if we fight it. He may also have shown us how to win.

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  • July 2017

    Demolition Day

    The 150th Anniversary (or Sesquicentennial) of Canadian Confederation will be celebrated on July 1. That holiday was traditionally denominated “Dominion Day,” as Canada was officially called “the Dominion of Canada”—a term which has now fallen into disuse.

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  • April 2008

    The Media’s Triumph Won’t Last Forever

    After the parliamentary and presidential elections of 2005, Poland finally appeared to have recovered from her postcommunist malaise, having brought a coalition of center-right and patriotic parties to power.

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  • March 2006

    A New Solidarity

    The victory of Lech Kaczynski of the Law and Justice Party (with around 54 percent of votes cast) over Donald Tusk of the Civic Platform Party in the second round of the presidential election on October 23, 2005, augurs well for Poland.

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  • December 2005

    An Anniversary Remembered

    On Saturday, July 10, 2004, my cousin and I drove from Ciechocinek to Czestochowa, to attend a celebration of her grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary. Ciechocinek is a spa and resort town about 200 kilometers northwest of Warsaw, Poland.

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  • April 2005

    Polish-German Reconciliation in an Historic Town

    On August 29, 2004, just before my departure from Poland, I attended an important ceremony at the small, historic town of Nieszawa, which lies near the Vistula River, about 200 kilometers northwest of Warsaw, in the Kujawy-Pomorze (Kuyavia-Pomerania) region or Voivodeship (Wojewodztwo).

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  • The Forgotten White Ethnics
    December 2004

    The Forgotten White Ethnics

    I recently returned to Toronto from a long visit to Poland, a trip on a Polish LOT Airlines jet that took only nine-and-a-half hours but would have taken months in an earlier age. In general, Toronto represents one extreme of modern development, to which Poland is a happy opposite.

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  • October 2004

    A Model for the West

    Ciechocinek lies about 200 kilometers northwest of Warsaw, near Torun, the birthplace of Nicolaus Copernicus, in the Kujawy-Pomorze (Kuyavia-Pomerania) region.

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Results: 10 Articles found.