Mark David Hall

Mark David Hall is the Herbert Hoover Distinguished Professor of Politics at George Fox University.  He is the author, most recently, of Did America Have a Christian Founding? Separating Modern Myth from Historical Truth (Nelson Books, 2019).


Latest by Mark David Hall in Chronicles

  • Slavery and the American Founding
    March 2021

    Slavery and the American Founding

    Leftist critiques of America's founding as inherently racist are deeply flawed. The Founding Fathers did not always live up to their ideals, but they formed a constitutional order intended to secure them.

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  • The 1620 Project
    September 2020

    The 1620 Project

    The Pilgrims were not 21st-century liberal democrats, but they created political institutions and practices that profoundly influenced the course of American politics, and facilitated later experiments in republican self-government and liberty.

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