Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr.

Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. is an American libertarian author and editor, a promoter of the Austrian School of economics, and founder and chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

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  • February 1992

    Replete With Racism

    Baseball is reportedly replete with racism. Apparently concentrating on the World Series-bound Atlanta Braves was not enough for the Atlanta Constitution, for it came to the conclusion late last summer that the "White Game Is Alienating Many Blacks." The white game?

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  • January 1992

    Another Thurgood Marshall?

    When Clarence Thomas, our newest Supreme Court Justice, asked to be sworn in a week before the official ceremony, so he could go on the payroll early, it summed up the whole affair for me.

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  • Lamentations of a Recovering Marxist
    August 1991

    Lamentations of a Recovering Marxist

    The case for pessimism has been easy to make since Lincoln, and mandatory since Franklin Roosevelt. Today, not much is left of the Old Republic. As early as the 1930's, Frank Chodorov could describe Washington, D.C., as a painted prostitute.

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  • First National Kwanzaa Celebration

    Last December, almost five hundred black men, women, and children met on Jekyll Island, Georgia, for the first National Kwanzaa Celebration.

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  • Falling Like a Ton of Discs

    Guns N Roses, the rock group, said they liked being white, the music business fell on them like a ton of discs. But racial music is not always insensitive.

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  • October 1990

    Nelson Mandela Idolized?

    Nelson Mandela idolized? Am I the only one who didn't do a spastic street dance over his arrival in America? Tell him to take "power" in the wrong African language?

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  • Blood Supply

    50,000 Haitian immigrants gathered in the streets of New York the other month, angry at an FDA hint that they consider not giving blood. With the appalling AIDS rate among Haitians, and the ease with which some infected blood can pass the screening tests, it seemed an unobjectionable idea. But not in Manhattan, 1990.

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  • Childocentric

    Europeans accuse Americans of being childocentric, and I guess I'd have to plead guilty. My nine-year-old daughter is the apple of my eye. I want her to live in a society that is moral and free, that looks as much as possible like the old American Republic, unsubverted by the welfare-warfare state and its allied cultural and religious apostasy.

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  • View on Matters

    The Washington Post's liberal black columnist William Raspberry once said something reasonable on race (he defended the Boy Scouts against charges that their name was racist when applied to blacks). But the DC thought police would have "wilded" any white who made a similar comment.

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  • January 1990

    Denouncing 'Imperial Congress'

    "Imperial Congress"—many in the conservative movement are denouncing it these days. From all over the right, we hear worries about slipping presidential prerogatives, or denunciations of Congress's "meddling" in foreign policy.

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Results: 30 Articles found.