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Llewellyn H. Rockwell, Jr. is an American libertarian author and editor, a promoter of the Austrian School of economics, and founder and chairman of the Ludwig von Mises Institute.

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  • Flies in the Ointment
    September 1998

    Flies in the Ointment

    Supporters of school vouchers are jumping for joy over a Wisconsin Supreme Court verdict, handed down this summer, that permits tax dollars to be used at religious schools.

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  • The Criminal State
    March 1998

    The Criminal State

    The stereotype of the British journalist—and stereotypes are usually true—has an arrogant Brit arriving in Washington, rewriting the Washington Post and the New York Times for his dispatches, and spending the rest of his time in fancy bars, where dumb natives pick up his tab.

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  • How the Market Stamps Out Evil
    December 1997

    How the Market Stamps Out Evil

    In the year before the 1994 election, Ralph Reed announced that the Christian Coalition would broaden its focus. It would go beyond traditional social issues like abortion and school prayer and include economics.

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  • Down With the Presidency
    October 1997

    Down With the Presidency

    The presidency must be destroyed. It is the primary evil we face, and the cause of nearly all our woes. It squanders the national wealth and starts unjust wars against foreign peoples that have never done us am harm.

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  • April 1996

    Politicized Christianity

    Today, the social democracy gospel is not only the mainstream opinion among the ecclesiastical elites. It is the prevailing orthodoxy of virtually every organized religious body in the United States.

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  • Haiti and American Empire
    April 1995

    Haiti and American Empire

    Think of all the ink spilled on foreign policy during the 80's. Yet for all of Clinton's "accomplishments" on foreign policy (Middle East "peace," NAFTA, Haiti), the subject did not even appear on the political radar screen during the 1994 elections.

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  • An Election Footnote

    An election footnote. Ron and Nancy Reagan must have thought long and hard before campaigning against Oliver North. After all, the 11th commandment, "never criticize a fellow Republican," may be the only one this show-biz duo hasn't broken.

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  • December 1994

    The Assault on Denny

    The assault on Denny's restaurants, a chain beloved by middle Americans and serving a million customers a day, helps us understand the real meaning of civil rights.

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  • August 1994

    Reducing Expenditures

    Fleet Financial Group. New England's largest bank-holding company, made big news when it fired 3,000 people and reduced its operating expenditures by $300 million.

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  • Medical Control, Medical Corruption
    June 1994

    Medical Control, Medical Corruption

    Who is unhappy with this increased knowledge? The American Medical Association, which for almost 150 years has sought to institutionalize a rip-off and to keep sick people and their families oblivious to it.

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  • The Real Clarence Thomas
    November 1993

    The Real Clarence Thomas

    Bitter attacks, tenacious defenses, and great promotion—not to speak of the best TV in a generation—have made David Brock's book on The Real Anita Hill a best-seller. As Brock admits, he proves neither Clarence Thomas's innocence nor Anita Hill's perfidy.

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  • October 1993


    Poor Denny's. The South Carolina-based company, with 1,600 "always-open" family restaurants, has been blindsided. After years of serving cheap, decent meals to working Americans, it is under a politico-racial attack.

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  • The Kemp-Darman Battle

    Jack Kemp was the great champion of freedom, according to official conservatives, whereas Dick Darman was the "Prince of Darkness." In fact, whatever was wrong with Darman (President Bush's budget director), Kemp was far worse.

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  • Doing Well; Done Better
    March 1993

    Doing Well; Done Better

    According to the jacket copy of Doing Well and Doing Good, Richard John Neuhaus is "one of the most prominent religious intellectuals" of our time (which helps explain our time).

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  • Credit Socialism
    December 1992

    Credit Socialism

    In May 1991, Risa Kugal, a fortyish New York woman who said she was unemployed and supported by her mother, appeared at court in Brooklyn. She was there, as James Grant tells us, to have $75,000 in credit card debt wiped off the books under Chapter Seven of the federal bankruptcy code.

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  • December 1992

    Cultural Lunacy

    What do you get if you cross six Catholic bishops with five "Christian feminists"? The answer: economic ignorance and cultural lunacy. In what has to qualify as the meeting from Purgatory, the bishops and the feminists met for eight and a half years.

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  • October 1992

    Dreaming Big

    Conquerors and intellectuals have dreamt of one big European government for centuries. The goal, as with all such millenarian fantasies, was to transform people's national allegiances (viewed as reactionary and divisive) into larger loyalties to "Europe" (viewed as progressive and cosmopolitan).

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  • Greatest Achievement

    The Jury is the greatest achievement of the Anglo-Saxon legal system. No matter how much pressure from kings and lords, or in our ease politicians and the media, "twelve good men and true" can do the right thing, so to speak.

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  • Neoconservative Choicers

    Polly Williams, a black Democrat in Wisconsin, has been hailed by the Wall Street Journal, Reason, and other neoconservative organs for her school choice legislation.

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  • May 1992

    Vagrancy Law

    San Francisco's municipal palace looks like the Wicked Witch of the West might live there, only there aren't any flying monkeys. But several years ago, the monkeys set up housekeeping right out front.

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