Lawrence A. Uzzell

Lawrence A. Uzzell is a senior Jamestown Foundation fellow who opened Jamestown’s Moscow office in 1992. A specialist in the former Soviet Union since 1989, a Yale graduate and widely published in the American, British and Russian media, Uzzell is President of International Religious Freedom Watch (formerly Keston USA).

Latest by Lawrence A. Uzzell in Chronicles

  • May 1995

    Reform From Within

    Across Serpukhvskaya Street from my apartment is a vintage Soviet-style "Palace of Culture," its blank concrete walls topped by an immense neon sign. Ten years ago it offered lectures on class consciousness to factory workers; now it houses a discotheque, which plays American rock music until 6 A.M.

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  • December 1992

    Letter From Russia Orthodoxy and Nationalism

    Early in my first Russian-language course, our professor noted that the word for "Sunday" is the same as the word for "resurrection." Somebody asked her how that word had managed to survive under 70 years of totalitarian atheism.

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  • Rubber Hands and Iron Triangles
    September 1992

    Rubber Hands and Iron Triangles

    After a decade of "reform," the public schools are at best stagnant. The College Board reports that SAT scores for college-hound 12th-graders have dropped for the fourth consecutive year, with the average score on the verbal section reaching an all-time low.

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  • The Pros and Cons of Immigration: A Debate
    July 1990

    The Pros and Cons of Immigration: A Debate

    A roundtable debate on immigration.

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  • Want To Reform Public Education?
    June 1990

    Want To Reform Public Education?

    By now it should be obvious that "education reform" is a fraud. Its primary goal has not been to rescue children from public school malpractice, but to rescue the schools from angry parents and taxpayers.

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