Laurie Morrow


Laurie Morrow is a professor of English at Louisiana State University and 1993-1995 Salvatori Fellow of the Heritage Foundation.

Latest by Laurie Morrow in Chronicles

  • December 1995

    Bitch, Bitch, Bitch

    Earlier this year, when Connie Chung duped Newt Gingrich's mother into confiding that Newt considered the First Lady a "bitch," victim feminists went into a frenzy. Gingrich's mother and father hardly expected this treatment from Chung, as they had spent eight hours treating her like a guest in their modest home.

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  • May 1995

    Littler Women

    As the recent effort to remake Little Women suggests, Hollywood has remembered that an almost certain way to make a profitable film is to turn a bestselling children's classic into a movie.

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