Kevin Lynch

Kevin Lynch, a former articles editor for National Review, lives in Arlington, Virginia.

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  • A Just and Honest Man
    September 2014

    A Just and Honest Man

    In its almost 60 years, much has been written about National Review, especially about those present at its creation. Most attention, of course, has been given to founder William F. Buckley, Jr., but others there at the beginning, such as James Burnham and Frank Meyer, have not been neglected.

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  • A Yanqui Doodle Dandy
    April 2013

    A Yanqui Doodle Dandy

    Henry Adams published his eponymous autobiography in the early years of the last century. Now, just about a hundred years after The Education of Henry Adams, we have The Education of H├ęctor Villa. America is center stage in both, but they are two very different Americas.

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  • The Good Times Rolled
    January 2006

    The Good Times Rolled

    Almost 50 years ago, William F. Buckley, Jr., made what was undoubtedly the shrewdest and most audacious move of his life. He invited his sister Priscilla to quit her job and join the staff of a magazine he had just started.

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  • I Just <em>Did</em> Say That!
    April 2004

    I Just Did Say That!

    A Miller Brewing Company executive is fired for retelling a racy segment of a Seinfeld episode at the watercooler.

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