Kelly Cherry

Kelly Cherry writes from Madison, Wisconsin.

Latest by Kelly Cherry in Chronicles

  • January 1994

    Crossing a Street in Manila

    The creative writing students in the small seminar room at Ateneo University in Metro Manila were answering my question about the relation of language to politics in the Philippines.

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  • March 1992

    Choosing Independence

    There are those moments in which you travel back to some time and place you visited earlier. A trick of light, a confluence of sounds on a summer evening.

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  • A Conversation Around Southern Poetry
    March 1991

    A Conversation Around Southern Poetry

    Kelly Cherry and Henry Taylor met at the University of Virginia in 1960, where he was a first-year undergraduate and she was a graduate student in philosophy. After he got over feeling inferior because the difference in their ages is only a few months, not enough to account for an entire undergraduate career, they began talking to each other about their writing.

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