Karina Rollins

Karina Rollins is a writer and editor in Washington, D.C.

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  • December 2016

    The German Resistance

    Certain actions should never be taboo in a modern Western democracy. These include public criticism and protest of government policies, as well as presenting alternatives to those policies.

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  • October 2016

    Germany’s Muslim Sex-Terror Disaster

    Inconceivably, yet entirely predictably, the global jihad officially arrived in Germany this summer, complete with suicide bomber, ax-swinger, and howls of “Allahu Akbar!”

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  • Mishmash
    February 2004


    To judge from its title, we could reasonably expect this book to be about the growing gulf between women and men. Yet Andrew Hacker, a professor of political science at Queens College, spends much of the book reciting differences between the sexes that have always existed.

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  • The Roots of Indulgence
    November 2002

    The Roots of Indulgence

    James Q. Wilson, the esteemed social scientist, should be loved by liberals: He is deeply concerned with root causes.

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  • Doe Fever
    September 2000

    Doe Fever

    A book billed as an indictment of the First Lady, written by none other than Ronald Reagan's most lauded speechwriter, creates certain expectations.

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  • Natural Woman
    May 1999

    Natural Woman

    Women of the younger, liberated generation have been raised to believe that being equal to men means being the same as men. Thus, they try hard to convince themselves that casual sex is harmless "fun" as long as they "play it safe."

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  • Naomi's Secret
    October 1997

    Naomi's Secret

    Naomi Wolf is nice. She is attractive, she has a daughter, she is even married. To a man. A far cry from the rabid man-haters associated with modern-day feminism. Her voice has been hailed as one of moderation; she celebrates "power feminism," professing that women are not helpless.

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Results: 7 Articles found.