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Joyce Bennett writes from Clements, Maryland.

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  • The Country Girl
    May 2013

    The Country Girl

    The fall the Orioles won their first World Series, I was rooming off-campus with three other Towson State College freshmen in a three-story house on Evesham Avenue. The Baltimore of the mid-1960’s was not as much ashamed of its heritage as unschooled in it, most Baltimoreans not knowing—or caring—that, under the shade of the trees at Loudon Park, Jackson and Lee in “unwearying bronze” still met on the eve of Chancellorsville.

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  • What Dr. Mudd Saw
    April 2011

    What Dr. Mudd Saw

    Though Dr. Samuel Mudd would later declare he had not recognized the fugitive in the false whiskers at his door that Holy Saturday morning, he was, in fact, acquainted with him, having been introduced to Booth in November 1864.

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  • Give Me That Old-Time Religion
    July 2010

    Give Me That Old-Time Religion

    I know that my criticisms of the present-day Church will be viewed by some as the crabbed grousings of just another rosary-praying Jansenist longing for the good old days.

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  • October 2000

    The Andersonville of the North

    After the Battle of Gettysburg, a prison camp was established in occupied Maryland on a low peninsula lapped by the waters of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay.

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  • August 1998

    Maryland, the South's Forgotten Cousin

    As recently as the 1930's, elderly black people in rural Maryland were still keeping headstrong children in line with the admonition that something called "pattiroll" would "get" them if they didn't behave themselves.

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  • January 1998


    It does not take a commune to raise good children, but if, even in private schools, they are not taught to control themselves and parents are too preoccupied to do their duty, what kind of future are we sowing?

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  • May 1997

    The American Redneck

    Given a chance, country boys will also tell us that we are becoming a people too eager to bow down to the government; a people who are mean but not strong and who are forgetting how to live in freedom.

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  • February 1997

    That Demon Weed

    When I hear all the talk about tobacco, I think of my Uncle Rollins, a green-visored straw hat on his salt-and-pepper head and a two-day stubble on his seasoned farmer face.

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Results: 8 Articles found.