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Joshua Doggrell writes from Alabama.

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  • Reassessing the Legacy of George Wallace
    December 2021

    Reassessing the Legacy of George Wallace

    Despite his contemporary image as the supreme symbol of bigotry, there was much more to George Wallace than segregation. Over the decades he became the voice of America's working class, and a kingmaker for politicians, black and white, in the South.

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  • Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace
    December 2019

    Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

    I have heard the following remark, or something similar, made about country music on numerous occasions in my life: “You know, it’s kind of hard to take a guy seriously when he sings about loving Jesus one minute and drinking and cheating the next.”

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  • Cop in the SPLC's Crosshairs
    August 2019

    Cop in the SPLC's Crosshairs

    Schoolchildren all across America are taught they live in the Land of the Free and that freedom of speech is a bedrock right. This is patently untrue, especially if one falls into any of these unfortunate demographic categories: Christian, white, Southern, or male. God help you if, like me, you fall into all four.

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  • July 2019

    Gun Grabbers Wave the Red Flag

    Every man, whether he is conscious of it or not, has drawn a line in the sand behind which he will not retreat. Most Americans have ancestors who defended that line when it was crossed by government tyranny. It is now being crossed in Colorado.

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  • Rough Men, Rough Language

    Rough Men, Rough Language

    My father is an Army veteran, a former auto-body worker, and a retired policeman who for many years worked undercover in vice and narcotics. Needless to say, associating with his friends and colleagues and loitering around the body shop while growing up instilled in me some “colorful” language habits.

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  • Campaigning for Narcissists
    November 2018

    Campaigning for Narcissists

    On even-numbered years, particularly the ones coinciding with a presidential midterm, my Deep South home county undergoes the grotesque onslaught of local elections.

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  • The Unmet Mentor
    July 2018

    The Unmet Mentor

    Life changed forever for me and my family on June 19, 2015, when tragedy struck suddenly. In the aftermath, I turned to an old mentor. In the ashes of our loss and dismal emptiness, I opened A Grief Observed, by C.S. Lewis. The first line: “No one ever told me that grief felt so like fear.”

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  • January 22, 2018

    Blessed Division

    Are there times when division can be tolerable within the unity of the body of Christ? Are there times when division can even be a wonderful thing? Certainly—it was proven with a confrontation between two comrades in the Faith and the blessed solution worked out by God.

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Results: 8 Articles found.