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John Willson is professor emeritus of history at Hillsdale College.  His work has been published in Chronicles, Modern Age, Imprimis, and the University Bookman, and he contributed to Reflections on the French Revolution (Regnery Gateway, 1990). Dr. Willson is past president of the Philadelphia Society and gives speeches regularly to various groups.

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  • August 2008

    The Ultimate Insider

    Who are the spear-carriers of government policies? This is a tale that puts pieces together over the course of a few decades. Neocons eat stories like this for breakfast.

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  • He Got Them First
    February 2008

    He Got Them First

    Joe McCarthy, a Catholic poor-boy-made-good from Middle America, a guy most Americans instinctively rooted for, called out our progressives on their ordering of the world in favor of what, by 1950 or so, was clearly the Other Side.

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  • February 2008

    Who Votes Catholic?

    Quite a few years ago (1977, to be exact), a colleague tried to convince me that the best way to make our college conservative was to set up a curriculum and a program in Christian studies that would appeal to conservative Catholics.

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  • August 2007

    A National Championship for Duke

    Probably, we should drop the whole Dukie mess. After killing enough trees to paper over the Western world and using up enough nonrenewable energy to fight at least a little war someplace, nothing has changed in the Research Triangle.

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  • The Gospel That Nobody Knows
    April 2007

    The Gospel That Nobody Knows

    “Out of the sacred space the sacred text would grow,” says Mr. Boritt. He’s right; those of us who grew up as Yankees know in our bones that our country is sacred ground.

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  • February 2007

    Memories of Mr. Lytle

    Almost nobody thinks that Yankees can possibly understand agrarians. But one of the great pleasures in my life is that I was, at least at one time or another, Mel Bradford’s favorite Yankee.

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  • Our Little Brown Brothers
    July 2006

    Our Little Brown Brothers

    The History Book Club has done us a good service by reprinting Leon Wolff’s Little Brown Brother, published originally in 1960, before we had learned to be politically correct or had figured out that we were building an empire.

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  • There Once Was a New England
    October 2004

    There Once Was a New England

    A few years ago, I was talking about Timothy Dwight to an audience of people old enough to appreciate both his Christian orthodoxy and his old-fashioned patriotism.

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  • November 2003

    Thirst for Empire

    Tacitus, writing about Caesar Augustus and the beginnings of the Roman Empire, says, “How few were left who had seen the republic!”

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