John Vinson

John Vinson is executive director of the American Immigration Control Foundation.

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  • August 2012

    Up From Objectivism

    It was sort of like being caught in a raging stream, and swimming hard against the current, inch by inch, to reach safety. The time was many years ago, when, as a college freshman, I fell into the currents of liberalism. And they were powerful.

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  • April 2012

    Beating the Left at Their Own Game

    Leftists love to obsess about hate. It seems to be on their tongues all the time, and it may have already surpassed racist as their expletive of choice to hurl at conservatives, traditionalists, Middle Americans, and other folks they detest.

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  • Our Elitists Forge a Useful Faith
    February 2011

    Our Elitists Forge a Useful Faith

    The elite class, with Obama as its front man, is a curious synthesis. In times past, Marxists and monopoly capitalists were supposed to be enemies. During the past couple of decades, however, they have become fast friends, and even exchanged values.

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  • August 1999

    Poster Illegals . . . and the Rest of Them

    I have seen this woman and her child more times than I can remember. She is the poster mother for illegal immigration.

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  • February 1997

    The Trojan Chicken

    Albany, Kentucky, has a stay of execution for at least a little longer. But more than a few townspeople are preparing to mourn her passing—and leave before the funeral.

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  • Conservatives & Environmentalists: Allies, Not Enemies
    June 1996

    Conservatives & Environmentalists: Allies, Not Enemies

    Conservatives and environmentalists generally have as much in common as the Hatfields and McCoys. Environmentalists like to point to the career of conservative James Watt and the comment of Ronald Reagan that once you've seen one redwood you've seen them all.

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  • Maybe Forever
    February 1995

    Maybe Forever

    Is the current wave of immigration to America, mainly from the Third World, an invasion? Wayne Lutton and John Tanton maintain that it is.

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  • Our Immigration Problems

    Our immigration problems briefly received national attention last year when boatloads of illegal Chinese migrants landed on American shores. Yet, because many of these illegals made bogus claims of political asylum, some political leaders spoke as if asylum abuse were the only real problem.

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  • April 1987

    U.S., A Captive Nation

    Benjamin Ginsberg's The Captive Public is a breath of fresh cynicism. With insight and illustration, it argues that mass opinion and majority will are not necessarily the nemesis of Big Brother.

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Results: 9 Articles found.