John Laughland

John Laughland is the director of studies at the Institute of Democracy and Cooperation in Paris.  He is the author of numerous articles and books, including A History of Political Trials: From Charles I to Saddam Hussein (Peter Lang).

Latest by John Laughland in Chronicles

  • Cold War Leftovers
    January 2014

    Cold War Leftovers

    We sit listening to how the Plymouth Brethren cannot get registered with the Charity Commission in the United Kingdom; to Greeks from Turkey about how horrible the Turks are, and to Turks from Greece about how horrible the Greeks are; and to Scientologists about how everyone is horrible to them everywhere.

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  • Gay Marriage: A Tale of Two Parliaments
    April 2013

    Gay Marriage: A Tale of Two Parliaments

    By a curious coincidence, bills to legalize gay marriage are passing through the British and French parliaments almost simultaneously.

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  • October 2012

    Attack the Symbols

    By any chalk, Pussy Riot are marginal extremists. The pregnant woman, Nadezhda Tolokhinnova, now convicted, has a disturbing look in her pretty eyes, which suggests either drug abuse or a personality disorder: The scene with the cockroaches is perhaps an allusion to the delusional parasitosis that can be brought on by amphetamines.

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  • Putin and the West's Suicide
    May 2012

    Putin and the West's Suicide

    Penza is much like other provincial Russian towns: Laid out on a grid, its streets are full of the modern clutter of shop awnings, while the people are well dressed. There is a comforting sense of normality.

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  • ICC Rising

    It was a sad day for conservatives when, on December 5, 2011, Laurent Gbagbo rose to speak in the antiseptic courtroom of the International Criminal Court. Polite, old-fashioned (if a little verbose), well-dressed (but obviously not very well), the 66-year-old former president of Ivory Coast was clearly upset to find himself a prisoner, having been a dignified head of state for the last decade.

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