John Kilgore

John Kilgore teaches English at Eastern Illinois University.

Latest by John Kilgore in Chronicles

  • May 2003

    Flag Country

    I live in flag country. Here in east-central Illinois, amid the corn and soybean fields, the whistle-stop towns on their grid of well-maintained blacktops, the Stars and Stripes are as common as blue jeans.

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  • April 2003

    Curses Not Loud But Deep

    My dog does not understand cars. An alarmist where a vacuum cleaner or thunder is concerned, a realist in regard to tomcats and other dogs, she simply lacks any concept of this genuine menace to her mortal tenure.

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  • February 2003

    Axis to Grind

    Terrorists have turned down the heat in my office. After the attacks of September 11, 2001, the economy took a header, tax revenues in Illinois declined, and my university’s budget was cut.

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