John Freeman

John Freeman’s poetry has appeared in Chronicles.

Latest by John Freeman in Chronicles

  • Black Hole Singing
    June 2014

    Black Hole Singing

    The complexities of A Deep but Dazzling Darkness revolve around the central theme of an intense, arduous, and unrelenting struggle for identity.

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  • Insight and Exaltation
    February 2012

    Insight and Exaltation

    Though she has previously written numerous poems focused on this area, Brosman always delights the reader with new angles of vision and fresh ideas generated by the scenery and characters.

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  • Brush the Distance
    April 2010

    Brush the Distance

    Cath­arine Savage Brosman’s latest book, Breakwater, is a stimulating addition to her always intriguing poetic realm. The book is packed with superlative individual poems, and their cumulative effect strikes this reviewer as majestic.

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  • August 2000

    At Ford, Diversity Is Job One

    One of the prime directives of Jacques Nasser, chairman of Ford Motor Company, was to ensure that in the future, our company would reflect the broad spectrum of customers that we serve.

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