Jeffrey Hart

Jeffrey Hart is an American cultural critic, essayist, columnist, and Professor Emeritus of English at Dartmouth College.

Latest by Jeffrey Hart in Chronicles

  • December 1991

    'Rights' and the Constitution

    On September 25, 1789, Congress submitted to the states for ratification ten amendments to the 1787 Constitution, known as the Bill of Rights. Seldom is there much serious reflection on the issues involved in a "Bill of Rights," but there was a great deal in 1787-1789.

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  • La Pasionaria of the Beltway
    June 1990

    La Pasionaria of the Beltway

    This book is at once a strange object and a peculiar event. To touch on the latter for a moment, it was excerpted before publication in the New York Times Sunday Magazine, which chose with an unerring eye those passages most damaging to Ronald Reagan and his administration.

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