Jeff Anderson

Jeff Anderson teaches theology at Trinity Christian Academy in Willow Park, Texas.

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  • Zombie Theology
    December 2019

    Zombie Theology

    I teach theology courses at a non-denominational, evangelical Christian high school outside of Fort Worth, Texas. We study the history of the Christian faith, work our way chapter and verse through at least 15 books of the Bible over the span of our high school courses, examine all the major topics of systematic theology and comparative religion, and even take a stab at developing what I call “street level apologetics.” We learn about what Christianity is and what Christianity does, both in our individual lives and in the broader society. And we talk about zombies.

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  • Earning Your Protest
    August 2016

    Earning Your Protest

    Like many young men graduating high school in 1966, my father took a fast track to the politically seething, war-shattered jungles of a small country on the other side of the world.

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