Hugh Murray

Hugh Murray has published widely on issues concerning race. He writes from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Latest by Hugh Murray in Chronicles

  • August 1994

    White Liberals, Black Racists

    On March 3, 1994, ABC-TV's Nightline devoted its half hour to the question of deteriorating relations between blacks and Jews. As background, the program showed clips of newsreels from the civil rights era, the "halcyon days" of unity between Jews and blacks in the 1950's and early 60's.

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  • When He Was Good
    October 1986

    When He Was Good

    Philip Roth's first book, a collection of stories called Goodbye Columbus, was a critical smash. Reviewers hailed it as witty, energetic, and accurately detailed; they noted with astonishment that Roth was only 26, and they predicted a distinguished career.

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