Fr. Hugh Barbour

Father Hugh is prior of St. Michael’s Abbey in Trabuco Canyon, California.

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  • “Gay Marriage”
    March 2004

    “Gay Marriage”

    What was it that had “mysteriously changed” in her affections? At least one thing for sure: She was leaving him for a woman.

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  • The Church and NGO’s  Shall I Crucify Your King?
    February 2004

    The Church and NGO’s Shall I Crucify Your King?

    “I hope a stamp from this place works for America.” So reads a postcard that my mother, as a girl of 20, sent her parents from the Vatican in 1950. I remember teasing her about her doubts when, as an undergraduate, I unearthed the postcard in my grandmother’s attic three decades later.

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  • Thomas More’s <em>Supplication of Souls</em>
    November 2003

    Thomas More’s Supplication of Souls

    In his informative and consoling masterpiece of historical research The Stripping of the Altars, Eamon Duffy drew the conclusion that the most distinctive characteristic of late-medieval English piety on the eve of the 16th-century religious upheaval was the devout remembrance of the dead.

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  • Pro-Lifers and the Psalmist’s Curses
    June 2003

    Pro-Lifers and the Psalmist’s Curses

    On one bright, cold January day in the early 80’s I stood with a group of college students from North Carolina after the annual March for Life in Washington as we were received by Sen. Jesse Helms.

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  • April 2003


    “He was a wicked man, but the Lord forgave him.” One fine spring day in my sophomore year of college, I joined my paternal grandmother on her more-or-less daily walk from her house out to the cemetery of my parent’s hometown in Eastern North Carolina.

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  • A Psalm Makes Us Love the Future
    December 2002

    A Psalm Makes Us Love the Future

    “God granted that the life of this holy man should be a long one, for the benefit and happiness of holy Church, and he lived seventy-six years, nearly forty of them as priest or bishop."

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  • All Roads Lead to Florence
    June 2002

    All Roads Lead to Florence

    The monastic choir stalls of the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli in Florence were occupied not by the hermit-monks of the Camaldolese Order to whom they belonged but by laymen, members of the Platonic Academy.

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  • He Whose Loss Is Laughter
    April 2002

    He Whose Loss Is Laughter

    Around the turn of the 20th century, the hieromonk Arsenios, parish priest of Farasa in Cappadocia, had secretly baptized one of the wives of a Turk living in his Christian village.

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  • Wonderful Illusions
    May 1999

    Wonderful Illusions

    More than 20 years ago, I was counseled by an orthodox Roman Catholic professor at UNC-Chapel Hill to cool my teenage zeal for ferreting out heresies among the higher and lower clergy.

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  • The Great Schism
    December 1998

    The Great Schism

    In August 1994, I was happy to be one of the many Latin clerics who over the years, in divisa or in borghese, have made a pilgrimage to the Holy Mountain of Athos, the Garden of the Mother of God.

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Results: 30 Articles found.