H.A. Scott Trask

H.A. Scott Trask is an independent historian from eastern Missouri.

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  • A Small Margin

    Concealed handguns could have been carried by law-abiding, responsible citizens of Missouri under Proposition B, but on April 6, Missouri voters defeated the measure by a small margin (52 to 48 percent).

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  • Franklin Pierce and the Fight for the Old Union
    October 1997

    Franklin Pierce and the Fight for the Old Union

    If Franklin Pierce is remembered at all today it is as an inept, do-nothing President whose only accomplishment was to sign the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854. Historians generally cite this bill, along with the 1857 Supreme Court decision in the Dred Scott case, as evidence of the aggressive designs of the South to extend slavery throughout the Union.

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Results: 62 Articles found.