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  • January 1994

    The Latest Rage

    "Real life" crime shows are the latest rage on American television. Feeding on this fury, there is now for sale an encyclopedia of crime, where one can examine the "true stories" of deranged persons like Jeffrey Dahmer.

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  • Sensitivity-The Only Requirement
    September 1992

    Sensitivity-The Only Requirement

    Edward Gibson tells us that, about 250 A.D., the Goths came down from the Ukraine and took the city of Marcianopolis. To save their lives and property, the people of the city gave the Gothic warriors "a large sum of money."

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  • January 1992

    Washington Public-Relations

    Washington public-relations and lobbying firms have begun to accept clients and staff from either party and from any point on the political spectrum, overcoming their former one-party only tradition.

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  • August 1991

    Circumlocutions & Obfuscations

    Georgetown University, the foremost Jesuit institution in the United States, one that was called the "alma mater of Catholic colleges in America" by Pope Pius IX, and a university that boasts of a renowned Bioethics Institute, has recently allowed an abortion-rights group, GU Choice, access to the benefits extended to all student groups.

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Results: 24 Articles found.