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  • U.S. Politics Gives Brits a Bad Trip
    October 2020

    U.S. Politics Gives Brits a Bad Trip

    The fact that Donald Trump might be reelected strikes lots of Brits as mad. However, Brits who aren’t conditioned by the mainstream press get euphoric when watching Trump confront Black Lives Matter, Beijing, and the political elites.

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  • A Bit of British Virtue Signaling
    August 2020

    A Bit of British Virtue Signaling

    In recent days, Britain, taking after America, has been convulsed by a widespread rage against the perception of racial injustice. None of this made much sense. What did George Floyd have to do with Britain?

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  • Brexit Got Done, Now Get Over It
    March 2020

    Brexit Got Done, Now Get Over It

    The great 2016 vote-undoing project seems at long last to have been abandoned on both sides of the Atlantic. In Washington, President Trump’s impeachment fizzled out—a strange and pathetic affair however you look at it. Everyone is looking past it now to this year’s presidential election in November. In London, meanwhile, on Jan. 31 Brexit happened, and most people barely noticed.

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  • September 2019

    Boris Derangement Syndrome

    Boris Derangement Syndrome has broken out in Britain. It is similar to the more widely documented American affliction, Trump Derangement Syndrome. BDS and TDS epidemics spread when the media and political classes are confronted with an empowered leader they cannot stand.

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  • July 2019

    Orange Monster Charms the Brits

    In early June, British Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt stood on the airport tarmac waiting to greet President Donald Trump. Following the resignation of Theresa May, a Conservative leadership competition was underway, and Hunt was desperate to further ascend the greasy pole.

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  • May 2019

    Stuck in the Middle With May

    I’m quite moved these days when I meet Americans and they ask me, ever so delicately, “How’s Brexit?” Or: “How’s that Brexit thing going?” Or, “Are you guys going to be OK with the Brexit?”

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  • Proceed With the Neverendum
    March 2019

    Proceed With the Neverendum

    It would be fun to write a Westminster column that wasn’t about Brexit. I’m afraid I can’t. Brexit is Britain, to a large extent, these days, at least as far as the news is concerned.

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  • Deal or No Deal
    January 2019

    Deal or No Deal

    David Cameron, the former Prime Minister, once mocked his fellow Tories for “banging on about Europe.” He meant that the European Union had become a tedious right-wing obsession—the root of all governmental problems, the enemy without, the reason Britain was going to the dogs.

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  • Existential Threat
    November 2018

    Existential Threat

    At present, two themes dominate British political news. One is Brexit, which never ends. The other is antisemitism in the Labour Party, which sucks up enormous amounts of media oxygen. It is not clear how much the public cares that much about either. Journalists talk of little else.

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  • An Unsatisfying Quexit
    September 2018

    An Unsatisfying Quexit

    The first problem with Brexit is the word Brexit—one of those stupid portmanteau words, like motel or brunch. It is a joined-up abbreviation of “Britain’s” and “exit from the European Union.”

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  • Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Conservative Clinic
    July 2018

    Jacob Rees-Mogg’s Conservative Clinic

    As a political phenomenon, “the Moggster,” as he is known, is quite Trumpian. He is wildly popular in a way that the experts cannot understand. As Trump was in 2015, he is dismissed as a ridiculous figure who can’t win.

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  • Bannon and the Inquisition
    May 2018

    Bannon and the Inquisition

    There’s nothing more boring than journalists writing about journalism. Please let me tell you, though, about The Spectator’s interview with Steve Bannon, which we published in March.

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  • March 2018

    Special Again

    The British, like everyone else, enjoy feigning horror at President Donald Trump. Deep down, however, we know we need him, and we like him a lot more than we let on.

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  • January 2018

    Blame Us!

    Only the most delusional limey would deny that, when it comes to popular culture, Britain is downstream from America. In politics, too, we follow your lead. Tony Blair pursued Bill Clinton’s middle way; David Cameron adopted George W. Bush’s compassionate conservatism—although Tories won’t readily admit that.

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  • November 2017

    Bleached Chicken, Brexit, and Trump

    Will he? Won’t he? Ever since Donald Trump emerged as a serious presidential contender last year, the British have been excited at the thought of his arrival in the motherland.

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  • Gloriously Complicated
    September 2017

    Gloriously Complicated

    On June 8, British democracy did everything it wasn’t supposed to do. Having called a snap general election, Prime Minister Theresa May was expected to sweep everything before her. She did not.

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  • July 2017

    Theresa May’s Anglo-Saxon Appeal

    The British have a penchant for women leaders: Queens Elizabeth I & II, Victoria, Margaret Thatcher, and now Theresa May. The current Prime Minister isn’t just well liked: People seem to love her.

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  • The Vanity Press Remains
    May 2017

    The Vanity Press Remains

    On March 17, Evgeny Lebedev, the oligarch fils, announced that he had hired George Osborne, the former chancellor, to be his editor at the Evening Standard. Nobody believed the news at first, but soon it was confirmed.

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  • March 2017

    Friends, Busts, and Leverage

    When historians someday study Anglo-American relations in the early 21st century, they will find a useful allegory in the saga of the Winston Churchill bust. This is the tale of a smallish sculpture by Jacob Epstein that has come to be a simulacra of the so-called Special Relationship.

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  • January 2017

    The Special Relationship, Redux?

    Donald Trump is making the world go crazy. Here in Westminster, the political and media establishments are still convulsing following his election. And the angry shock at the top is rippling through British society.

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