Edward D. Snow Jr.

Edward D. Snow Jr., a former congressional aide, is a freelance writer from Utah.

Latest by Edward D. Snow Jr. in Chronicles

  • November 1988

    The Grove City Horror Show

    Civil rights activists called Rev. Jerry Falwell "hysterical" for claiming that the recently passed Civil Rights Restoration Act could require churches to hire a "practicing, active homosexual drug addict with AIDS to be a teacher or youth pastor."

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  • June 1986

    Selling Out the Kids

    Most parents, especially those with teenagers, know the increasing costs of having children, but in Pricing the Priceless Child, Viviana Zelizer investigates the declining economic value of American children during the past century.

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  • March 1986

    Missionary to the Amazons

    Controversy and intense media scrutiny marked Dee Jepsen's 14 months as President Reagan's Special Assistant for Public Liaison to women's organizations, until she resigned in October 1983 to work for the unsuccessful reelection campaign of her husband.

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