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Douglas Wilson is senior pastor at Christ Church in Moscow, Idaho, and senior fellow of theology at New Saint Andrews College.  He writes widely on theology, culture, education, and family life in such books as Reforming Marriage, Future Men, and Fidelity.

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  • Game of Bones

    Game of Bones

    So what is objectionable about "Game of Thrones"? In posing the question, please note that I am assuming that something is objectionable. So let me count the ways.

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  • Is the Game Worth the Candle?
    September 2015

    Is the Game Worth the Candle?

    Our Lord taught us all about bad bargains. To lose your own soul and to receive in exchange that mere pittance called “the whole world” should be counted as one of those bad bargains.

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  • January 2011

    The TSA and Security

    Many Americans today are baffled by the Third Amendment to the Constitution, the one in which the quartering of troops in private homes is prohibited in times of peace, except by the consent of the owner. Quartering troops in time of war was allowed, but only as regulated by law.

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  • August 2009

    American Mojo

    The key phrase to notice in William Bennett’s statement is “more than anyplace else.” In recent years, a number of well-meaning patriots have taken up the theme of what is called American exceptionalism.

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  • September 2007

    Is The Pope Catholic?

    In July, the Pope endorsed a statement that ruffled some feathers in the Protestant aviary, and it turns out that the statement actually revealed that a number of Protestants aren’t all that Protestant anymore.

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  • The Emerging American Empire
    June 2005

    The Emerging American Empire

    Let us begin by assuming that we agree that Islam is inherently militant. The words Muslim and Islam are derived from the Arabic word for “submission.” Submission to the absolute authority of Allah is essential.

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  • Classical Education <em>Redivivus</em>
    September 2003

    Classical Education Redivivus

    No one really owns the copyright to the word classical. Even in the realm of education, many are pursuing distinct objectives, and all with a legitimate claim to that word. From neoclassicists to Thomists to classical Protestants, the word readily fits.

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  • Molecular Families
    November 2002

    Molecular Families

    As we look around at the pandemonium that characterizes the circus maximus of our once-great culture, there are few things as striking as the large number of what we might call “disconnected pockets of sanity,” otherwise known as nuclear families.

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  • September 1998

    Why Evangelical Colleges Aren't

    Two separate educational movements exist within the evangelical world, one old and one new, and they are clearly on a collision course. One thing does lead to another, and he who says A must say B.

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Results: 9 Articles found.