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Donald Livingston is a former Professor of Philosophy at Emory University with an "expertise in the writings of David Hume." In 2003, he and Clyde Wilson founded the Abbeville Institute, which is devoted to the study of Southern culture and political ideas.

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  • The Litmus Test for American Conservatism
    January 2001

    The Litmus Test for American Conservatism

    Abraham Lincoln is thought of by many as not only the greatest American statesman but as a great conservative. He was neither. Understanding this is a necessary condition for any genuinely American conservatism.

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  • Barbecue Shacks, Palmetto Groves, and Other Schools
    September 2000

    Barbecue Shacks, Palmetto Groves, and Other Schools

    The smog of political correctness hangs heavily over most American colleges and universities.

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  • January 2000

    A Bad Lie

    The great evil of the modern age is the ability of modern states to destroy or suppress independent social authorities and to concentrate power to the center.

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  • The Strange Career of Individualism
    October 1999

    The Strange Career of Individualism

    What is individualism? John Stuart Mill answered this question with a theory of rights. Mill looked for a "simple" theoretical principle that could distinguish the liberty of the individual from that of the state.

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  • M.E. Bradford and the Barbarism of Reflection
    September 1999

    M.E. Bradford and the Barbarism of Reflection

    This is the first critical study of M.E. Bradford, whose untimely death in 1993 silenced the most eloquent voice ever raised on behalf of the permanent things as they are revealed in the Southern tradition.

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  • Decentralists or D.C. Centralists?
    April 1999

    Decentralists or D.C. Centralists?

    As we approach the end of this century, and indeed of a millennium, there is more than the usual tendency to reflect on things human and divine.

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  • One Nation Divisible
    February 1998

    One Nation Divisible

    Something extraordinary has happened over the last decade or so—something neither the Republican nor Democratic leadership seems to understand. A large and growing number of Americans are now openly saying that much of what the central government does is not simply wasteful, corrupt, and destructive but illegitimate as well.

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  • October 1997

    One Nation Indivisible

    There is irony in the fact that although prayer has been banned in our public schools, millions of American schoolkids are required to recite the pledge to the flag each day whether they believe it or understand its implications.

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  • David Hume and American Liberty
    November 1995

    David Hume and American Liberty

    David Hume's History of England was one of the most successful literary productions of the 18th century. It became a classic in his lifetime and was published continuously down to 1894, passing through at least 167 posthumous editions.

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Results: 29 Articles found.