Donald Livingston

Donald Livingston is a former Professor of Philosophy at Emory University with an "expertise in the writings of David Hume." In 2003, he and Clyde Wilson founded the Abbeville Institute, which is devoted to the study of Southern culture and political ideas.

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  • Books in Brief: The Decline of Nations
    May 10, 2021

    Books in Brief: The Decline of Nations

    Identifying when your country is in mortal decline is not a pleasant task in any age.

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  • Books in Brief: April/May 2021
    April/May 2021

    Books in Brief: April/May 2021

    Reviews of William Deresiewicz's The Death of the Artist and Joseph F. Johnston, Jr.'s The Decline of Nations.

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  • Secession Becomes Thinkable
    October 2020

    Secession Becomes Thinkable

    America is coming apart and is "already two nations," F. H. Buckley argues. Once unthinkable, a breakup looks increasingly likely. But can it be done constitutionally and peacefully? Donald Livingston reviews Buckley's case in "American Secession."

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  • Faithful Son
    May 2019

    Faithful Son

    Boyd Cathey is an 11th generation Carolina Tar Heel who was mentored by and worked with Russell Kirk. The Land We Love: The South and Its Heritage is written reverentially, just as one might reflect on the memory of one’s mother.

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  • May 4, 2017

    The Strange Career of Individualism

    What is individualism? John Stuart Mill answered this question with a theory of rights. Mill looked for a "simple" theoretical principle that could distinguish the liberty of the individual from that of the state.

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