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David A. Hartman, a retired banker, is chairman of The Rockford Institute’s board of directors.

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  • December 2002

    Wall Street’s Turn

    While a long parade of executives has exchanged tailored pinstripes for orange jumpsuits, an even more deserving group of miscreants have thus far eluded their just deserts—those executives’ Wall Street overlords, who wrote the script for the latest and greatest of bull markets, directed the hucksters, and set their standards.

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  • October 2002

    Dr. Pangloss on Taxation

    The IRS and the federal tax code have enabled the blessings of government on a scale never envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

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  • September 2002

    Gross National Greed

    As the world economy approached the New Millennium, crossing the Bridge to the 21st Century, a “New Era” was heralded: The unprecedented economic growth of the 1990’s was going to continue into eternity.

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  • May 2002

    What’s Good for General Motors . . .

    How did big corporations become the prevailing form of enterprise in the United States? The standard answer is that bigger is better.

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  • September 2000

    The Myth of Economic Equality

    Except in war-time, Washington matters little to the comfort and safety of responsible Americans.

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  • May 1999

    Restoring Families by Restricting Government

    When we view the monumental seats of government, the palaces and temples of ancient and medieval civilizations, we are awed by their architectural grandeur, the art and culture to which they testify, and the sheer effort they represent.

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  • February 1999

    The Education Cartel

    The education cartel in Texas, and the Texas Education Agency (TEA) in particular, have raised the bureaucratic art to new heights by congratulating themselves for failing to attain their mediocre objectives.

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  • January 1999

    Reflections on a Texan's Visit to Bosnia

    Since returning from a visit to Bosnia-Herzegovina arranged by The Rockford Institute to consult with the Republic of Srpska (one of Bosnia's component states) on privatization of its socialist industries, I have given considerable thought as to what Americans (especially Texans) might learn from the recent decomposition of Yugoslavia.

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Results: 28 Articles found.