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Christopher Manion is a columnist for the Bellarmine Forum.

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  • November 2016

    One of a Kind

    On September 22, a giant of Catholic journalism died—and genuine Catholic journalism might well have died with him.

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  • Ruminations Amidst the Ruins
    October 2016

    Ruminations Amidst the Ruins

    In the winter of 1987-88, Sen. Dan Quayle of Indiana decided that he wanted the VP spot on the Republican ticket as the most “conservative” candidate.

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  • July 17, 2016

    Radical Thoughts on Turkey

    Erdogan will now take the country back into the Islamic world. He has already been supporting ISIS. Without his support, and that of Obama, ISIS would have been exterminated long ago.

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  • February 2014

    We're All Racists Now

    Well, everything else is indeed failing, but the racism racket is working so well that it won’t be going away any time soon. Al Sharpton sees “white supremacism” everywhere among Obama’s critics, and he has a lot of company.

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  • December 2011

    A New Church and a New Country

    Archbishop José Gomez of Los Angeles tirelessly advocates for illegal aliens. A native of Mexico, he has an ardent love of his homeland and his people. He testifies frequently on Capitol Hill in favor of various amnesty-related issues, always in the name of the Catholic Church.

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  • June 2010

    The Bishops' Quest for Amnesty

    In January, when the Catholic Church in the United States was supposedly devoting all of Her efforts to preventing taxpayer funding of abortion in ObamaCare, America’s Catholic bishops took a distracting detour, announcing a nationwide “Justice for Immigrants” campaign.

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  • September 2008

    The Bishop's Hot Tub

    The American Catholic Church has leaned left for so long that it’s hardly news any more. This began way back when Cardinal Gibbon overruled Pope Benedict XV’s plea for peace during the Great War and pledged to President Wilson the undying fighting loyalty of millions of American Catholic boys (including my father, to whom Gibbon gave a personal pro-war pep talk at Catholic University in the winter of 1916-17).

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Results: 7 Articles found.