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Christopher Check is President of Catholic Answers. He worked at The Rockford Institute for 19 years.

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  • Farewell to My Fellow Traveler
    June 2019

    Farewell to My Fellow Traveler

    Whatever libertarians and Marxists say, human experience is neither the pursuit of self-interest nor is it class struggle. Man is made for the worship of God and for human friendship. Anyone who knew Aaron Wolf knows this truth.

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  • June 26, 2012

    Air Force Scandal?

    Lackland Air Force Base is embroiled in a scandal. At the Air Force's one boot camp, male instructors have been preying on their female recruits.

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  • May 23, 2012

    Re: iDocile

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  • August 2011

    Stand Like a Man

    In June, Brigadier General Loretta Reynolds, USMC, became the first woman to take command of the Corps’s legendary recruit depot, Parris Island. “Lori” is a feminist’s dream.

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  • October 7, 2010

    October 7, 1571

    Today we give special thanks to Our Lady whose intercession led the armada of the Holy League to victory over the Ottoman fleet on October 7, 1571, at the mouth of what the Venetians called the Bay of Lepanto but what we today call the Gulf of Patras.

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  • Ruth M. Besemer, R.I.P.

    Ruth Miller Besemer of Boulder, Colorado, and I exchanged letters for several months before we met. She sent the first in 1999, when The Rockford Institute held the annual meeting of the John Randolph Club in Georgetown.

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  • Abortuary Hero

    Wayne Webster’s Rockford abortuary takes the lives of about 35 babies per week. In that same time frame, however, there are two or three “turnarounds”—mothers who decide at the last moment not to execute their children. The most likely cause is the doughty band of Christians who gather to pray outside the slaughterhouse on the two days of the week that it is open.

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  • November 2007

    Abortionists Thwarted

    The murder of children in the womb in Aurora, Illinois, has been stayed, for the moment. Planned Parenthood, the company that encourages and equips teenagers to fornicate so that it will have a steady stream of babies to kill (over a quarter of a million per year), began building a 22,000-square-foot, $7.5 million abattoir last fall. In secret.

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  • Americanism, Then and Now: Our Pet Heresy
    June 2007

    Americanism, Then and Now: Our Pet Heresy

    On January 22, 1899, Pope Leo XIII addressed an encyclical (Testem benevolentiae nostrae) to James Cardinal Gibbons, archbishop of Baltimore, intended “to suppress certain contentions” that had arisen in America “to the detriment of the peace of many souls.”

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  • February 2007

    Conservativs in the Crease

    Vice President Dick Cheney’s lesbian daughter, Mary, found a way to impregnate herself so that she and her lover, Heather Poe, whom Mary met while playing ice hockey 15 years ago, can rear a child. Grandma is thrilled.

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  • Total War
    September 2006

    Total War

    Eight years ago, I sat in the home of Nashville artist Jack Kershaw, drinking whiskey from a Jefferson cup and listening to the story of the burning of Columbia, South Carolina (February 17-18, 1865).

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  • June 2006

    The Courage to Defy Prudence

    On February 22, the South Dakota Senate, by a vote of 23-12, approved legislation banning nearly all abortions in the state.

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  • May 2006

    Rejecting Marriage

    Remember “Elisa’s Law”? In 1996, New York Gov. George Pataki signed this legislation, which removed, in the words of then Speaker of the New York Assembly Sheldon Silver, “archaic confidentiality laws” pertaining to juvenile-court and medical records.

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  • An Instinctive Jacobite
    October 2005

    An Instinctive Jacobite

    After five visits, I still get turned around in Rome, but, in Edinburgh, I consulted a map only on the first day.

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  • August 2005

    Women in Combat

    Two women marines and a female Navy petty officer were killed, and eleven were wounded, when their convoy was ambushed on the night of June 23 in Fallujah. The Pentagon took several days to confirm the casualties, and media coverage was thin.

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  • January 2005

    Measuring Our Culture of Death

    One side is celebrating, the other rending their garments, but both sides are wondering if the outcome of the November presidential election might signal a springtime for traditional moral values in America.

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  • November 2004

    Courting the Catholic Vote

    The current Presidential race has witnessed an unprecedented drive, especially by the GOP, to court the Catholic vote.

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  • January 2004

    A Hero of Texas-Sized Proportions

    Christopher Danze is a hero of Texas proportions. The Austin concrete supplier has shut down construction of a Planned Parenthood abortuary by rallying his colleagues and competitors in the construction industry to boycott the project.

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  • August 2001

    The Future of Christendom

    The future of Christendom, according to the Population Reference Bureau's 2001 annual report, is likely to be pretty bleak. The report's chief conclusion is that population growth in the West has ground to a halt, while the Third World is reproducing like gangbusters.

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  • G.I. Jane
    February 2000

    G.I. Jane

    DESFIREX, the Desert Firing Exercise, is a semi-annual celebration of cordite, steel, white phosphorous, and sand held at the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twenty Nine Palms, California.

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