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Christie Davies has written extensively about the Muslim threat to Europe and to India.  He is the author of The Strange Death of Moral Britain.

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  • The Politics of Laughter
    October 2007

    The Politics of Laughter

    With this book, Paul Lewis has written another very thoroughly researched study of contemporary American humor, ranging from the “positive humor” and “laughter club” movements that use humor to promote health and efficiency, peace and uplift, to the “killing humor” of American jokes and comedies that seemingly violate all norms of kindness and restraint.

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  • March 2007

    Letter From Cork: The Polonization of Ireland

    Recently, I returned to dear old Cork after exactly ten years’ absence. What 50 years ago had been a poor town on the periphery of Ireland is now a big, thriving, growing, wealthy city.

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  • December 2006

    Time to Talk Turkey

    Turkey is currently negotiating to join the European Union, with the full support of the British government and of U.S. President George W. Bush. If she does join, it will be a disaster for Europe and for Britain.

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  • October 2005

    Death in the Afternoon

    In the 16th century, Spain was the wonder of Europe, with her vast empire in Latin America and the Philippines and her wealthy possessions in the southern Netherlands and Italy.

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  • September 2004

    The Muslim Conquest of Britain

    Many people fear that there will be a violent conflict in Britain with the Muslims. They are wrong.

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  • Contemporary Assumptions, Moral Judgments
    November 2003

    Contemporary Assumptions, Moral Judgments

    Antony Flew is one of Britain’s most lucid analytical philosophers and the most skilled demolisher of the myths of social justice that his country has ever produced.

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  • The Bishop's Egg
    March 2001

    The Bishop's Egg

    Robert Grant's essays range widely across political philosophy, literature, and aesthetics, from Edmund Burke to Václav Havel, from Jane Austen to the fiction of the 1930's, from Shakespeare to Tolstoy, from Mozart to Rennie Mackintosh.

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  • In Season and Out
    January 2001

    In Season and Out

    The Nilsens have produced an interesting, erudite, and thorough Encyclopedia of 2Oth-Century American Humor with entries ranging from American Indian humor to cartoons, exaggeration, hoaxes, joke patterns, sitcoms, and wit.

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  • December 2000

    The English Rejoice at Scotland's Coming Independence

    Everyone in Britain knows that it is just a matter of time before Scotland becomes independent and reverts to medieval chaos.

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  • January 1999

    Winnie the Pooh Is an American

    Winnie the Pooh and his friends Piglet, Rabbit, Tigger, Kanga, Roo, and Eeyore live happily in a comfortable bullet-proof home in the New York Public Library and have done so for many years.

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  • November 1997

    Where Euroregulation Meets Socialism

    John Major lost the British election in 1997 not because Tony Blair's "New" Labour Party had stolen the Conservatives' policies but because the Conservatives adopted socialist ones.

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  • July 1996

    I.D. Cards for Men

    "I don't want to have to carry a handbag all the time" was the way an aggressive British opponent of the compulsory carrying of identity cards (as proposed by several members of the British government) yelled it to me recently.

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  • February 1995

    Our Shortsighted Rulers

    Laser beam surgery has now made it possible to correct many common eye defects caused by irregularities in the shape of the lens of the eve relative to the size of the eyeball.

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  • February 1994

    Fish Rights

    Animal rights protesters in Britain have now extended their campaign of sabotage to fishing. Members of the new Campaign for the Abolition of Angling, with its headquarters in Sevenoaks in Kent, have taken to disrupting angling matches by stirring the water with bamboo canes and banging dustbin lids under water to drive the fish away.

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  • June 1993

    Sport Without Hooligans

    Last year I had the agreeable and unusual experience of spending two hours in a packed sports stadium where there was no hooliganism, no violence, and no bad feeling.

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  • Blaming Columbus
    October 1992

    Blaming Columbus

    The news that politically correct groups in the United States are greeting the 500th anniversary of Columbus' discovery of America by denouncing the great explorer as an imperialist exploiter has been greeted with incredulity and derision in Europe.

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  • September 1991

    The Collapse of British English

    The English language is in danger. It is being invaded and infiltrated by the vulgar slang, the horrid jargon, the grammatical errors and the nasal pronunciation of the United States.

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