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Christie Davies has written extensively about the Muslim threat to Europe and to India.  He is the author of The Strange Death of Moral Britain.

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  • Religion Is Always There
    January 2016

    Religion Is Always There

    The varied and complex relations between religion and power can be understood only by means of extensive comparisons, between nations and across time. Who better to demonstrate this than Prof. David Martin, the doyen of the comparative sociology of religion?

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  • Muslim Crimes in Britain
    July 2015

    Muslim Crimes in Britain

    During the last few months in Britain there have been yet more revelations of new Muslim crimes and detailed confirmations of older ones.

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  • Extravagant Abandon

    On May 22, the Irish people voted by a large majority to permit marriages between two men or two women. Of the two million people who voted—a 60-percent turnout—62 percent supported same-sex “marriage.”

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  • November 2014

    Answering the Scottish Question

    The people of Scotland have spoken. Scotland has voted not to secede from the United Kingdom and to remain in her long-standing union with England and Wales.

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  • Muslim Murder in London
    March 2014

    Muslim Murder in London

    Last May, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, two Muslim converts, both Christian apostates, deliberately ran down an off-duty British soldier, Lee Rigby, in their automobile on a main street in the London suburb of Woolwich. In front of eyewitnesses, they then repeatedly stabbed him and tried to behead him with a machete.

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  • November 2013

    The Muslim Invasions of Europe

    In May Pope Francis canonized the 800 martyrs of Otranto, a city in Apulia in Southern Italy, who were slaughtered by the Turkish invaders of 1480.

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  • Jihad From Within

    Jihad From Within

    The last major outburst of Muslim terrorism in London was on July 7, 2005, when four suicide bombers killed 52 people on London’s buses and subway trains.

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  • One Law for the Left...
    May 2013

    One Law for the Left...

    For many weeks the press in Britain have been obsessed with the Jimmy Savile sex scandal, and it has many months to run.

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  • November 2012

    Obama, the Death Camps, and Polish Anger

    It is no exaggeration to say that the entire Polish nation was outraged and insulted by President Obama’s clumsy reference in a May 28 speech to “Polish death camps.” Not only did the Poles play no part in setting up and running the Nazi camps where millions of Jews were murdered, but when the killings took place, there was no Poland.

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  • Homage to Gaudi
    October 2012

    Homage to Gaudi

    Barcelona is one of the great cities of the Mediterranean, and Barcelona’s most noted architect is Antoni Gaudí i Cornet. It is worth visiting Catalonia and the cities of Barcelona and Reus just to see Gaudí’s work.

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  • October 2011

    Islam and Breivik's Bombs

    The killing of 8 people by a bomb in Oslo, placed by the Norwegian berserker Anders Behring Breivik, followed by his gunning down of a further 69 on the island of Utoya, is a horrible reminder of the potential for evil inherent in human nature.

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  • June 2011

    Muslim Sex Crimes in Northern England

    In Britain there have been 17 recent prosecutions of gangs of Muslim rapists and child molesters involved in the “on-street grooming” for sex of victims as young as 11 in several towns and cities in northern England.

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  • March 2011

    Britain's Leftists: Allies of the Islamists

    The people of England, after very considerable provocation, have lately come to fear England’s Muslims. Britain’s leftists have shifted in the opposite direction.

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  • October 2010

    Remember Katyn

    I arrived in Poland just as the television announced the tragic death of President Lech Kaczynski, his wife, Maria, and many of Poland’s military and political leaders in an airplane crash at Smolensk in Russia. A week of mourning followed throughout the entire country.

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  • April 2010

    The Center Cannot Hold

    The Church of England is made up of three parts: evangelical Protestants, Anglo-Catholics, and liberals. They have long been at war, and soon this war will lead to the final rending of that Church.

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  • November 2009

    Scottish Weakness and Muslim Impudence

    The decision to release the Libyan terrorist Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed Al Megrahi from a Scottish prison has caused much anger in the United States. (Megrahi was convicted for his part in the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland, on December 21, 1988, which killed a total of 270 people.)

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  • May 2009

    Antifascists on the March

    All over Britain and Ireland, including the unpleasing town where I live, which is run by a left-wing junta, there are memorials to those who fought in the International Brigades on the Red Republican side in the Spanish Civil War (1936-39).

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  • April 2009

    Letter From Chile

    While traveling by bus in Chile in January 2008, I drew the attention of two other English-speaking passengers to a graffito, which read: Viva Pinochet Libertad!

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  • Muslim Pressure and Christian Appeasement
    December 2008

    Muslim Pressure and Christian Appeasement

    In Britain, where, despite the efforts of our government to curtail them, freedom of speech and freedom of religion still exist, the Muslims have every right to their stall and their vile literature. What is more disturbing is that Christians are not able to press their views in the same way.

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  • April 2008

    The British Empire and the Muslims

    Last year in England, we marked the 60th anniversary of the voluntary granting of independence to India and Pakistan; it was also the year in which our military began to leave Iraq.

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