Charles Edward Eaton

Charles Edward Eaton is the author of a collection of poems, The Scout in Summer.

Latest by Charles Edward Eaton in Chronicles

  • Invaders of Our Land
    June 1999

    Invaders of Our Land

    Wendell Berry is, without doubt, the poetic star of environmentalism. I do not know of any other poet of his stature in the present or past who has taken his stand, as the Agrarians said they did, and stood by it so steadfastly into his 60's.

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  • A Generous Man
    September 1998

    A Generous Man

    One of the most important things to say about George Garrett is that his is a generous talent, not limited or confined by a narrow point of view. It is as though he has been searching for the meaning of life in many ways and modes of expression, including novels, short stories, and critical studies, to give only a partial list.

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