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Catherine Savage Brosman is poetry editor for Chronicles.

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  • <em>Raisonn&eacute; D&eacute;r&egrave;glement</em>
    August 2005

    Raisonné Dérèglement

    Whether all authorities agree with what is averred here—that Ernest Hemingway was one of America’s greatest writers—is uncertain. Surely, however, his work constituted a watershed; if his chastened style and objective manner no longer seem striking, it is because subsequent American writing owes so much to him that his originality is disguised.

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  • A Dirge Transposed
    July 2005

    A Dirge Transposed

    “A novel,” wrote Stendhal, “is a mirror carried along a road.” In Cyn-thia Shearer’s new book, the road, literally speaking, is that between the invented town of Madagascar, Mississippi, where the action is centered, and Memphis, the other major setting.

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  • Metaphoric Angels
    June 2005

    Metaphoric Angels

    Richard Wilbur’s long and distinguished writing career demonstrates that a poet can go against literary fashions, shunning what passes for received wisdom, and still earn critical praise and become an important figure on the literary landscape.

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  • April 2005

    Sunset in the Head

    Proust wrote, in Time Regained, that “Style is a question not of technique, but of vision.” Technique may be said to inform and undergird the style, but the artistic vision has priority: It is the style.

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  • Three Against the World
    April 2004

    Three Against the World

    In the political writings of Alexis de Tocque-ville (1805-1859), Francis Lie-ber (1798-1872), and Walter Bagehot (1826-1877), we find insights, opinions, and warnings of great current applicability, especially with regard to international affairs.

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  • Sublime Misrule
    June 2003

    Sublime Misrule

    X.J. Kennedy can be said almost to be a popular literary figure. (A New Jersey native, Joseph Charles Ken-nedy, born in 1929, adopted his pen name upon settling in Massachusetts.)

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Results: 46 Articles found.