Fr. C. John McCloskey III

Fr. C.J. McCloskey is a research fellow of the Faith and Reason Institute in Washington, D.C.

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  • The Modern Papacy
    April 2016

    The Modern Papacy

    For many, Pope Francis is still a puzzlement, to use the words of the song from that great musical The King and I. If you are among those puzzled, this is the book you’ve been waiting for.

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  • A Book That Needs to Be Read
    January 2015

    A Book That Needs to Be Read

    There are many reasons why one might conclude that the United States is in a spiral of self-destruction and is in fact no longer a Christian country. One of the most obvious—apart from 40-plus years of legalized abortion—is the current effort to redefine marriage to include homosexual couples.

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  • The Poet <i>Malgré Lui</i>
    March 2014

    The Poet Malgré Lui

    Over 30 years ago, when I was a seminarian in Rome, one of my professors exclaimed, “John Ford is the Thomas Aquinas of the 20th century.”

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  • The Case Against Political Consensus
    December 2013

    The Case Against Political Consensus

    Jeffrey Bell is perhaps the most experienced conservative political advisor in Washington, D.C. Once a key Reagan campaign advisor, Bell later became a political candidate himself, scoring a stunning primary upset against a seated Republican senator in New Jersey only to lose in the general election to Democrat Bill Bradley.

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  • Faith in the Dock
    August 2013

    Faith in the Dock

    What was once known as the West—Western Europe and North America—has largely abandoned its Christian roots and fallen into apostasy. In fact, it has succumbed to neopaganism—a practical atheism that, similar to 18th-century Deism, relegates God (if He exists) to a peripheral role in one’s life.

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  • Sex Matters
    April 2013

    Sex Matters

    Rarely have I read in so few pages a book as thought-provoking and compelling as J. Budziszewski’s On the Meaning of Sex. Budziszewski, a Yale Ph.D. and professor of government and philosophy at the University of Texas, has grappled for years with the sad effects of our era’s shallow understanding of sex on the lives and psyches of the young people he teaches.

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  • A Fedora World
    July 2012

    A Fedora World

    If you are tired of being exposed to lousy movies full of sex, violence, ear-blasting noise, and floods of gratuitous special effects, 40-something actors who dress (and act) like teenagers, and predictable story lines, turn to William Park’s definitive book What Is Film Noir? for a reminder of what artful and truly adult entertainment films can provide.

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  • Circles of Hell
    March 1997

    Circles of Hell

    Bernard Nathanson's intellectual and moral honesty has enabled many other abortion providers or accomplices, including recently some legislators, to acknowledge their mistakes and join the fight for human life at its most defenseless.

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Results: 8 Articles found.