Anthony Bukoski

Anthony Bukoski is the author of several collections of short stories, including Time Between Trains.

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  • August 2013


    When Frank Bronkowski, my father, was alive, he’d read and reread his Polish newspapers, the Gwiazda Polarna, the Nowy Dziennik

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  • Your Hit Parade: A Story
    April 2008

    Your Hit Parade: A Story

    “If Mel Torme is ‘The Velvet Fog,’ shouldn’t I at least be ‘The Elegant Mist’? Surveys indicate that even during station identification, which this is, you enjoy hearing my radio voice...

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  • A Bowl of Stew: A Story
    October 2006

    A Bowl of Stew: A Story

    I can’t forget the sorrow of my lodge brothers when the doors closed to our beloved home. We had to pay a bill for a new roof, then the ice machine in the bar went on us.

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  • The Wand of Youth: A Story
    December 2004

    The Wand of Youth: A Story

    When Francis Majewski escorts my sister to our back porch, he bows to her like a Polish nobleman, then hobbles home on walking crutches with hard leather cuffs that circle his forearms.

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  • Dreams of Old Places
    May 2004

    Dreams of Old Places

    Wisconsin Highways 2 and 53 converge in the uplands east of Superior. From here, you see Duluth climb a hillside of 1.1-billion-year-old rock that geologists call “the Duluth Gabbro Complex.”

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  • Leokadia and Fireflies
    April 2003

    Leokadia and Fireflies

    Named Stefanie Karawinski, I’m seventeen years old. The woman in the title of the story, Sister Mary Leokadia, is perhaps fifty. Because the nuns at my grade school here in Superior wear black habits and white, scarf-like wimples covering their hair and ears, I can’t tell their ages.

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  • A Geography of Snow: A Story
    February 2002

    A Geography of Snow: A Story

    My father has to go out in a storm. An eight-hour shift at the gasworks, then two or three hours tomorrow morning, All Soul’s Day morning, in a bar where “Happy Hour” starts at 7:30 A.M. and ends at noon, and he’ll walk home through the snow stinking of beer and CH4, the chemical composition of natural gas.

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