Allen Mendenhall

Allen Mendenhall is a writer, an attorney, and an adjunct law professor.

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  • Remembering Kingsley Amis
    January 2022

    Remembering Kingsley Amis

    The antiestablishment novelist Kingsley Amis satirized the modernists, authoring dozens of books in ordinary idiom and without modernism’s avant-garde displays of stream of consciousness, inner monologue, obscurantism, abstraction, and ambiguity.

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  • Remembering Learned Hand
    September 2020

    Remembering Learned Hand

    Learned Hand’s advocacy for judicial restraint, bold defense of the First Amendment, and commitment to the legal rights of the states still claim our attention, especially as judicial activism is promoted by legal minds on the left and the right.

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  • The Unmeaning of Unmeaning
    October 2016

    The Unmeaning of Unmeaning

    The mark of a good scientist is curiosity and imagination; when those cease, so do reliable answers to tough questions. Wilson foregoes any discussion of aseity and fails or refuses to account for how the cosmos could arise out of nothing.

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  • Buckley for the Masses
    July 2012

    Buckley for the Masses

    Overly committed as he was to supposedly universal political ideals and to the spread of American liberal democracy throughout the world, William F. Buckley, Jr., was not my kind of conservative.

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  • September 2010

    Okinawa Occupied

    Okinawa is a beautiful island in the Pacific. Although part of Japan, it is culturally and historically distinct, having a long list of diverse occupants and occupiers. The Allies won a decisive victory at the Battle of Okinawa in 1945.

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  • The News Makes You Dumb
    August 13, 2020

    The News Makes You Dumb

    Journalistic writing and broadcasting had descended to such a low level it is more properly classed as entertainment. It has become unchallenging, uninformative drivel.

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