Between the Lines

Attack of the Hyphenates

The immigration debate is often framed in terms of ethnicity, and the arbiters of permissible expression are appalled that anyone would approach the issue in terms of cultural identity and a reasonable desire for homogeneity.  Permit me, however, to raise a quite different objection to the unchecked flood of immigrants who have been deluging our borders: the danger it poses by strengthening the lobby of the Hyphenates, who ceaselessly agitate for Washington’s intervention in their home countries’ affairs.

Whether it be Kosovars with green cards who run pizza parlors in the Northeast or refugees from this or that Middle Eastern autocracy lobbying for the “liberation” of their homeland, the influence of foreign-born constituencies in the United States has always been a problem for anti-interventionists of the modern era—and today, the problem is acute.

In the run-up to U.S. intervention in the Balkans, the Albanian lobby was hyperactive, funneling money to such top Republican politicians as Bob Dole and John McCain, and greasing the axle of their p.r. machine with the largesse of the international drug trade, which is to Albanians what the derivatives trade is to Goldman Sachs.

In the period leading up to the invasion of Iraq, the infamous Ahmed Chalabi and his American interlocutors served as the spark plug of the War Party: Chalabi and his “heroes in error,” as he...

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