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Assault Weapons Needed?

I did learn some things from Aaron D. Wolf’s piece “Adam Lanza’s America” (American Proscenium, February).  But there is a glaring, unsupported assertion.  How do we know that “the next Adam Lanza” would for sure try to kill children with a knife, or a can of gasoline?  A semiautomatic weapon is so much easier.  And it makes it easy to commit suicide when cornered.

And, by the way, yes, I know that reinstating the Clinton gun-control measures might not reduce violence.  But people do not need access to high-capacity clips, and people do not need to own assault weapons.  They are not needed.  (That is my assertion.)

—Emil Posavac

Franklin, TN

Mr. Wolf Replies:

I’m grateful to Mr. Posavac for the opportunity to offer more glaring assertions.

Man is prone to violence.  Whether you are a fan of Charles Darwin or a Bible nutjob like myself, this is an easy one.  Men are, by nature, larger than women and use that size to their advantage.  We are also, as we say at my church every Sunday, “poor, miserable sinners.”  God gave us marriage for many reasons, but one very natural one is so that a man’s wife...

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