The Cost of Welfare



8 | Topsy-Turvy
by Thomas Fleming


12 | Uncle Sam Goes Bust
by Doug Bandow

16 | Take the Money and Run: Entitlement Politics
by Mark G. Brennan


20 | Mal de Mer
by Chilton Williamson, Jr.

[Sea Changes by Derek Turner]

22 | Why Garry Wills?
by James Kalb

[Why Priests? A Failed Tradition by Garry Wills]

25 | The Mind of the South
by Robert Dean Lurie

[William Gilmore Simms’s Unfinished Civil War edited by David Moltke-Hansen]

28 | Late Autumn Light
by Scott P. Richert

[History and the Human Condition: A Historian’s Pursuit of Knowledge by John Lukacs]


30 | Margaret Thatcher
by Michael Stenton

33 | Canticle for the Apocalypse
by Jeff Minick

vital signs

38 | Gay Marriage, Before the Ruling
by William J. Quirk

40 | The Horrible Politics of “Equality for All”
by Kirkpatrick Sale

42 | The North’s Southern Cash Cow
by Joseph E. Fallon

46 | Of Presidents and Guns
by Egon Richard Tausch


19 | The Specter of History
by Justin Raimondo

36 | Time and Tide
by Andrei Navrozov

37 | Music That Stirs the Soul
by Roger D. McGrath

48 | Oblivious
[OblivionThe Company You Keep]
by George McCartney

50 | Boston and the Big Lie
by Taki Theodoracopulos


11 | Hard North
by Timothy Murphy

4 | American Proscenium

5 | Cultural Revolutions

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