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Chris is right, of course—docility is connected by the Angelic Dr. to prudence (ST II-II, 49:3).  It properly "consists in a man being well disposed to acquire a right opinion from another man."  What I'm driving at with iDocile is a shotgun wedding between a willingness to learn and mind-numbed passivity, an Hegelian synthesis of docility and indolence.  Which wouldn't be prudent, nor a quest for a truly "right opinion."

Or, to put it another way, the students I saw on the corners seemed diabolically conditioned to be "willing to be taught" (or indoctrinated) by the Rockford Public Schools.

I fear that eSlavery—the term, not the concept!—is now dated, since Apple has effectively killed off all of the eCompetition and became the iVictor.

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