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The U.S. Constitution is a dead letter except for some procedural matters.  Nobody with high political power knows or cares anything about it—especially Supreme Court justices.Empires, even successful ones, always end in exhaustion, deracination, defeat, and dissolution.

Predictions of the end of history are premature.

The United States is not immune to history.

An economy cannot long sustain a dominance of consumers over producers.

Public debt of huge dimensions is always followed by economic catastrophe.

Public debt is of no benefit to society, only to politicians and the rich.

No branch of the federal government will ever restrain itself or any other branch from unconstitutional and undemocratic excesses of power.

The U.S. Constitution is a dead letter except for some procedural matters.  Nobody with high political power knows or cares anything about it—especially Supreme Court justices.

The  position of some Justices that “international law and opinion” can supersede the Constitution will finish burying the corpse.

Black children did better educationally in the old segregated Southern schools than they do now in big city Northern schools.

The South is the only part of the country in which schools and daily life are significantly shared by black and white people.

The United States political system has no ethics, despite popular belief.  Objectively viewed it is immensely corrupt and bears little relation to reason or ethics.

In the American judicial system now, justice is available only to the wealthy.  The average citizen has no real protection against government abuse.

A statesman, as distinct from a politician,  is one who, whatever the cost to himself, alerts a people to the long-range consequences of actions.  The United States has no statesmen.

Those with great political power in the United States, for a long time now, have been incapable of anything except short-term thinking.   They react to the promptings of the owners of the media, public agitation, and the limited alternatives presented to them by the muscle-bound federal machine.  Their actions are all directed at getting and keeping power, not at serving the American people.

A proper debate of public issues requires the ability to state your opponent’s position fairly.  This requires intelligence, but, even more, it requires integrity, fairness, and good will.   An overwhelming majority of  American journalists and professoriate are utterly incapable of this intellectual and moral exercise.  Wittingly or not, they  practice Lenin’s dictate: “We must write in language which sews among the masses hate, revulsion and scorn toward those who disagree with us.”

Indeed, it is questionable whether “the American people” really exists anymore.

For some years now, the top-ranking brass of the U.S. armed forces have lacked military virtues and even competence.  They are appointed for their eagerness to prostitute themselves and their services to politicians.   Witness Colin Powell and David Petraeus, among many others.

Quite aside from the changes brought by time, the Founding Fathers would find the U.S. today alien, repulsive, and not really American.

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