In Our Time

Around the World With Donald Trump

My title is a bit of a stretch, as I did not travel all the way round the world, nor close to it, and the trip took 19 days, not 80.  Still, it was my world, extending roughly from the American Mountain West across Western Europe, and I traveled by ship and train and motor coach and taxi as well as the 21st-century equivalent of the hot-air balloon, the commercial jetliner.  Beside all that, the last three weeks of November 2016 were an interesting time to be out and about in the world, which bears hardly any resemblance at all to the impression the Western media and Western politicians give of the place and its human inhabitants.

My wife and I were airborne by regional jet to Denver International Airport scarcely four hours after the late Mrs. H. Clinton conceded the presidential race to Donald Trump, and we arrived a little past dusk in midtown Manhattan, where the majority of the residents (87 percent of whom had voted for the Democratic candidate for president) appeared either dumbstruck with shock, horror, and disbelief, or goaded to vocal frenzy and wild gesticulation in the streets.  A notable exception was our cabbie who, on the ride across town from the Warwick Hotel at Sixth Avenue and 54th Street to a dinner party at First Avenue and 56th Street, was compelled by howling protestors and the restraining police to circumvent Trump Tower on Fifth between 56th and 57th through traffic that was binding...

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