Between the Lines

Approval and Gay Marriage

There’s no doubt the President’s endorsement of gay “marriage” was stage-managed: The timing was the key.  He did it hours after the news that North Carolinians had voted to put a ban on the practice in their state constitution.  Pressure from his supporters—and some of his biggest donors, I have no doubt—contributed to the decision.  Like all decisions made by this administration, this one was purely political.

This catapults the issue to center stage in an election year, and serves the Obama­ites well: As long as we aren’t talking about the collapsing economy, the endless wars, the undoing of the social fabric, etc., the Democrats are in good shape.  It’s clear what kind of campaign the Obama camp wants: one that will target the GOP as the party of bigots, not just antigay but antiblack.  George Zimmerman’s trial will commence in August, just as campaign season is getting into high gear.

The gay-marriage campaign is not something that sprang from the grassroots of the “gay community.”  The early gay-rights movement was concerned almost exclusively with two big problems: Homosexual behavior was illegal, and homosexuals were routinely abused by the police.  If you were in a gay bar, you were taking a chance it might get raided that night, and the consequences would be catastrophic. ...

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